Planetary Mixer

Capacity(L):20 \ 30 \ 40 \ 50 \ 60 \ 80
Power(kw):0.37 \ 0.75 \ 0.975 \ 1.12 \ 1.5 \ 2.25
Weight(kg):83 \ 150 \ 162 \ 217 \ 334 \ 364
Dimension (mm):Refer to the figure

Planetary Mixer

Planetary Mixers are specially designed to mix the batter in such way without affecting the nature of the ingredients, the planetary motion mix the batter uniformly, The gears where made with Great accuracy and durability, ensure the very long life of the machine, all components where made with CNC make the machine work more perfectly and accurately, hence ensure the machine require very less maintenance.

Specialty of the planetary mixer;

01. Belt Driven machine – ensure more stability and powerful.
02. All machines come with 3 speeds. With Fast, Medium
and Slow speed
03. High Quality and Stable Performance
04. Bowls in Stainless Steel, Hook and Beater in high durable Aluminum, -Easy installation


Model Capacity(L) Accessories Power(kw) Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
CS-Q70 6.5L 220v 0.12kw 10 400x250x450
CS-201 20L 1bowl 3tools 380v/220v 0.5hp 120 500x560x830
CS-301 30L 1bowl, 3tools 380v/220v 1.25hp 150 620x620x1020
CS-401 40L 1bowl, 3tools 380v/220v 1.5hp 210 690x700x1180
CS-501 50L 1bowl, 3tools 380v 3hp 252 660x730x1180
CS-601 60L 1bowl, 3tools 380v3hp 382 700x850x1340
CS-801 80L 1bowl, 3tools 380v5hp 412 750x900x1410